WEARVR signs new Chinese partnership deal with DPVR

WEARVR signs new Chinese partnership deal with DPVR

WEARVR has today announced a new publishing agreement with Chinese company DPVR – the all-one-in VR headset manufacturer. DPVR will be added to the existing list of compatible VR devices, as well as being promoted to WEARVR developers as a new device to sell their experiences through.

WEARVR is a cross-platform VR app store which offers VR games and experiences across all the major VR platforms. Over the past few years they began forging partnerships with several china-based VR hardware companies, including: Nibiru, Pico and Pimax.

Not only does WEARVR enable developers to port their own games and experiences to these new platforms, it has also set up its own in-house porting service, which helps developers or studios that need additional support.

This latest agreement adds to the growing number of opportunities WEARVR is bringing to the VR developer community. WEARVR now has over 7,000 registered developers on the platform and their aim is to enable developers to sell their games and experiences in as many markets as possible.

“We’re extremely excited to announce this deal with DPVR – we believe the Chinese market to be incredibly important to the VR industry”, says WEARVR COO, Andrew Douthwaite. “It goes to show that the important work we do with other partners is getting noticed. It’s fantastic to have another device on board, which we can offer to our huge development community, especially one as promising as DPVR”

DPVR, with its powerful R&D team and core technology patent, has developed into a world-leading VR enterprise specializing in full product line up coverage from PCVR, Standalone VR HMDs(head-mounted displays) to content platforms.

Their founder and CEO, Sunny Chen, says “We’re delighted to be working with WEARVR – the largest independent VR App Store in the world.”

This latest partnership announcement coincides with WEARVR shortly about to enter the public sale stage of an Initial Coin Offering for Weave, the universal cryptocurrency for VR and AR. WEARVR plans to integrate Weave into the existing centralised app store, a brand-new decentralised store as well as third-party distribution channels. Prior to the public sale will be a series of Initial Exchange Offerings with a select number of Asian digital asset exchanges

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