How Weave will improve our existing centralized app store

Taken from our ICO white paper, here’s an extract of how we plan to use Weave to add value to our existing centralized app store…..

We’ve been operating the WEARVR app store since 2014, promoting the latest and greatest VR content to users across the world. During this time we’ve had over 10,000 apps submitted by over 7,000 developers and our users have downloaded over 3m apps. We’ve worked incredibly hard to become the leading and largest independent VR app store in the world.

We’re now getting ready for the public sale of the Weave ICO and looking forward to integrating our token right across our global ecosystem, starting with our centralized app store, the cornerstone of our business. Here’s an overview video of our blockchain strategy…

Although we will encourage the use of Weave at every opportunity, we will not ‘force’ blockchain mechanics and processes onto our users or developers. Instead we will implement a phased approach and give them the choice of two app store models.

Operating alongside our brand new decentralized app store, we will enhance our existing centralized app store by integrating Weave into it. Users will be allowed to purchase apps from this store using our token, at a discounted price to encourage usage and of course reward them for either earning or owning our token (or both of course). Fiat payments will also continue to be an option.

Furthermore, we will reward users of our site with Weave using tested gamification mechanics. Every time they rate or comment on an app, they will be rewarded with tokens. If they download an app, they get tokens. If they advise a friend to sign up on our site, they get tokens, etc. We will also airdrop Weave to all site users, visitors and our entire opt-in mailing list of over 80,000 VR enthusiasts.

Weave integration and blockchain managed app delivery into our centralized app store is phase one of our roadmap and we plan to activate this first initiative in Q3 2019.

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