Introducing Weave, the universal cryptocurrency

After many months of planning, today we’re excited to announce our plans for integrating blockchain technology into the VR/AR ecosystem and introduce Weave, our cryptocurrency designed to flow through the market and create synergies for all stakeholders.

We have developed an expansive and detailed strategy for Weave, designed to benefit users, developers, HMD manufacturers and other organisations in the sector, Weave will stimulate increased app sales, user engagement and retention as well as lead to more VR/AR app creation.

In addition, we will be launching a decentralized app store, a VR/AR virtual goods marketplace secured by smart contracts and a crowd-funded app creation platform where users, developers and HMD companies all benefit from sales. That’s a quick overview of our plans.

Over the next few posts, we’ll be sharing more information on our product roadmap and token sale. In the meantime, check out our white paper and feel free to register your interest in our private sale. Our whitelist registration opens today, here

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