Six Games and Apps for Your First Time in VR

It was pretty clear from the web traffic and downloads here at WEARVR over Christmas that a lot of people got a brand spanking new VR headset under the tree this year.

If you’re one of those newcomers to the exciting world of virtual reality, welcome to the show! You’ll be needing new games and apps to go with that awesome hardware, right?

First Time in VR

Now that you’re a VR owner, there’s a unique experience that you’ll find yourself sharing with friends, family, visitors and even complete strangers: Watching someone’s reactions the first time they enter virtual reality. We’ve been doing if for a few years now, and it quite simply never gets old!

Everyone reacts just a little differently, and a lot of the time it depends on that first, essential experience. So we’ve put together a list of six great VR games and apps that are perfect for people’s first time leaving boring old reality behind.

Plank Not Included

A hilarious game that brings home an intense sense of vertigo as players are challenged to walk across a virtual plank at various heights and in some extreme, crazy scenarios. Enhance the experience by lining up an actual plank on the floor for people to balance on as they play in VR. Check it out here, with a real plank in play.

Job Simulator

Although menial work tasks might not sound like much fun, running a comedic convenience store in VR or playing around in an Office Space-style environment is surprisingly hilarious. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how involved new comers to VR get when they experience the amazing Job Simulator.

TheBlu: Whale Encounter

If your noobie isn’t isn’t heights, shooters or even gaming, given them an incredible experience as they stroll around the deck of a sunken shipwreck, simply enjoying the wildlife. When a manta ray and a blue whale swim past, up close, and they see the scale of these magnificent animals, they’ll instantly be sold on the brilliance of virtual reality.

Superhot VR

If it’s a gamer who’s putting on your VR headset for the first time, and you want to convince them of the tech, let them try Superhot VR. This is a game that was already popular as a PC shooter, but once you’ve tried it in VR there’s no going back. Unique time-bending mechanics and great action scenes make this a universal VR hit.

Google Earth VR

Sometimes you just have to accept that some people don’t accept technology until they’ve seen the educational value of it (these people are generally called parents). Google Earth VR is a mind-blowing expansion of the popular online service, and your VR virgin will spend hours (if you let them) quite literally exploring the world.

The Lab

Just as you’re doing right now, Valve needed to convince newcomers that VR is awesome. So it put together a compilation of virtual reality demos across a whole range of different genres and scenarios. And even now it still holds up as being a go-to VR experience for people’s first time under the headset. Not to be missed.


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