Get 30% Off with WEARVR Christmas Game Bundles

I bet you’re hoping to find some awesome VR hardware under the tree this year, right? (If the chances of Santa coughing up the goods are looking slim, remember you can still get in on our #VRinspired Christmas comp!). And if you’re possessed of futuristic virtual reality hardware, you’re going to need games to go with it.

So a whole host of the hottest VR studios have teamed up with WEARVR Direct to create some awesome Christmas game bundles for various leading platforms that allow you to bag the hottest games at a great discount. All these bundles have been compiled to give you a rich, diverse VR experience that really lets you get to know your platform of choice, and delivers a delicious 30% discount on buying them individually!

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

HTC Vive & Oculus Rift Bundle 1

Test your sharpshooting reflexes in the digital world of Cyberdrifter, and test your nerves in the intense Don’t Let Go! which challenges you to keep still as wasps swarm and scorpions explore your extremities, which Storm VR pits your survival against a harrowing snowstorm!

HTC Vive & Oculus Rift Bundle 2

The epic Tron-like shooter Cyberdrifter teams up with piratical powerhouses Lord Darydikilkil, combining medieval madness with dark secrets, and Piratado 1 which takes piracy into the outer reaches of space! This bundle is available for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift CV1.

HTC Vive Bundle

This bundle of Vive-only games offers a superb selection for newcomers and VR veterans alike. Go co-op two player on PC and in VR in the unique and invigorating Cube Monster, don’t look down when racing across the high altitude platformer Astral Plane, and try your hand at the trick shooting physics-based challenges of Kumoon!

Oculus Rift Bundle

A crazy concoction of Oculus Rift games in this bundle, featuring the hilarious and crackpot cat balancing adventures of Kitty Catcher, the engaging and aesthetic virtual jenga action of VRBloX, and the medieval madness of Lord Darydikilkil.

Daydream View Bundle

Christmas goes mobile at WEARVR with our exclusive Daydream View Bundle, featuring the relaxing MindZense Sleep VR that’s perfect for getting you through the busy Christmas period with you sanity intact, the powerhouse cold war spy story and atmospheric VR shooter Metro-2: Project Kollie, and the amazing journey into the cartoon world of Antihero Simulator which even includes a brand new Christmas experience!

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