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As you know, WEARVR is the web’s biggest independent virtual reality app store. But you might not be entirely familiar with the various ways game and app developers can list their software on WEARVR.

Developers have a variety of options, chief among them being hosting their VR content directly on the WEARVR app store. And so, we’ve created a WEARVR Direct section that gives you quick, instant access to all the great VR experiences that you can download straight from the store and run without any other clients or codes or software required.

Direct to Your VR Headset

WEARVR Direct content gets pride of place at the top of our app store, as it provides the smoothest, simplest experience for VR users. Unlike other app stores, where you need to run a client on your computer and activate new games and apps, with WEARVR Direct you just download it and run it; no fuss, and no delays. It also provides you with direct access to Steam keys for some downloads where games or apps are hosted off-site.

Keep an eye out for the WEARVR Direct stamp on games and apps as you browse the store.

Often enough this WEARVR Direct content can be cheaper than other stores, and some of it is even exclusive to WEARVR. That’s entirely up to the creator of that particular game and app, who has full control over how their content is listed. So it’s well worth keeping an eye out for new WEARVR Direct listings to ensure you get the best deal and the slickest experience.

WEARVR Direct Vouchers

To further support our WEARVR Direct content (and its creators) we’ve implemented a voucher system that gives you discounts when you win a competition, register for a special offer, or pick up a code during one of our many promotions.

You can browse the entire library of WEARVR Direct games and apps, and keep an eye out for the watermark on the thumbnails when you’re browsing other sections of the app store so you can spot WEARVR Direct content when it’s mixed into a certain category or platform.

Direct For Developers

There are a range of benefits to developers bringing their content under the WEARVR Direct umbrella too, including revenue shares that are above industry standards, and being included in our neverending range of marketing and promotional opportunities. So if you’re making VR games and apps, or 360-degree video content, and want to get involved, get in touch with us right away.

For everyone else, just keep enjoying those awesome VR games, apps, videos and experiences available direct to you through WEARVR Direct right now!

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