Meet the HTC Vive Focus, All-In-One VR Headset

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about HTC’s standalone VR headset play, but previously it was a story being told by Google. Now it seems that the VR leader has broken away from a potential Daydream View collaboration and is going solo with the newly announced HTC Vive Focus.

What’s In Focus?

Before we wind up embroiled in any inter-corporate politics, let’s take a look at what’s more important; the Vive Focus headset itself.

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • Tracking: Inside-out tracking through dual camera mounts on the faceplate
  • Motion: Six-degrees-of-freedom
  • Controls: Three-degrees-of-freedom handheld Bluetooth controller, with touch sensitive thumb pag, trigger button, and side volume buttons.

No word yet on the important stuff though, such as resolution of the AMOLED displays, latency, field-of-view, battery life or, perhaps most importantly of all, the price. At a glance it looks like there are speakers built into the curving sides of the headset, and that might be a glimpse of a 3.5mm jack for connecting your own headphones. But the design is now on show and getting a pretty positive reaction from the internet, and feels more akin to the PlayStation VR than the Vive, not that we’re complaining.

Riding the Vive Wave

It seems pretty clear that HTC’s strategy goes way beyond this one headset. It’s really a hardware springboard for its VR development platform, Vive Wave, which it appears HTC is hoping to use as a way to establish itself as the keystone in the hugely fragmented all-in-one headset market; beginning in China.

Google has no access to China (the world’s biggest VR market) and amazingly, no other headset manufacturer or developer in the region has so far been able to establish itself as the standard. Given that HTC’s a local, it has an opportunity to begin laying real, solid foundations that’ll soon spread to the West, even though it insists there are no plans to cross China’s borders with Vive Wave as the moment.

Will You Be Going Into Focus?

Which brings us to your reaction. Whether you’re a VR user or a VR developer, has the Focus caught your attention? Will you be buying one, or making games for the platform? Or are you more interested in the Oculus Go? Tell us all about it in the comments below, or over on social media.

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