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One of the best experiences in VR is introducing someone new to the technology, while you stand back and watch their reaction. It shouldn’t still be so entertaining and enjoyable, given VR is a few years old now, but hooking up a noobie with exactly the right first-time experience is as much fun as playing VR yourself.

And there are few games or apps that do the job better than Don’t Let Go! This superbly simple, yet intensely engaging experience has been popular with WEARVR members for a long time, and developer Skydome Studios has given us 10 Steam keys for Don’t Let Go! that you can win simply by signing up for the free WEARVR newsletter and sharing on social media.

And don’t forget to have a camera ready when you’re subjecting a newcomer to Don’t Let Go! for the first time in VR. Their reactions are guaranteed to be hilarious!

Good luck!

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