Google Teams With Discovery Channel for VR Travel Show

As virtual reality gradually emerges from its fledgling state, it has to be said that VR video content still has a way to go. Not because the technology is lacking, but because we’re still figuring out how to actually tell a story in 360 degrees.

That doesn’t mean people aren’t working incredibly hard to solve that problem, not least of them being Goole and Discover, who’ve joined forces to make a VR travel series.

Discovery TRVLR

The series, called Discovery TRVLR (not to be confused with the new Star Trek Discovery (anyone else enjoying that, by the way?)) will take viewers on a journey around North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and even Antarctica, offering an immersive view “into the lives of fascinating locals in every corner of the globe across all seven continents, exploring unique cultures through a visceral 360-degree storytelling experience.”

At the helm is Emmy Award-winning Saschka Unseld, who you might remember as the creative director at the Oculus Story Studio that was recently closed down, so the show’s undeniably in good hands.

The 3rd November is slated for the launch of the first six episodes, followed by an epic 32 more episodes in the series. Given that it’ll be broadcast through YouTube (and Discovery’s own online channel, the show will naturally be viewable on Cardboard and Daydream View with ease. Watching 3D VR videos from YouTube on the Samsung Gear VR is also a doddle, but Oculus and Rift users may need to work magic to get the show onto those headsets.

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