Celebrating Sputnik in Virtual Reality

As you’ve probably seen splashed across social media, today marks the 60th anniversary of Russia launching the world’s first artificial satellite into orbit. In honor of that momentous achievement, we thought we’d celebrate the ascent of Sputnik 1 by creating a brand new collection of space-based VR apps here on WEARVR.

The Reality of Sputnik

There are some surprisingly interesting parallels to draw between Sputnik (meaning “satellite”; not the most original name, but it sounds a lot more iconic in its original Russian) and virtual reality.

For example, do you know the reason for Sputnik’s existence? It wasn’t really the same purpose satellites are used for today. There was very little inside the spherical body – just a radio transmitter sending out simple, basic tones, and a battery that lasted around 21 days before the satellite fell silent.

It circled the Earth (1,440 times, in fact) not to record data from high altitude, or to photograph us from space, or to look out into the depths of the universe, but as a trackable object that radio operators on the ground could find, monitor, and observe. Not at all unlike one of the major aspects of virtual reality! Monitoring and tracking objects in space has become an essential part of VR games and apps, just as it was 60 years ago for the lonely satellite spinning around the planet for three months.

The Sputnik VR Collection

So to celebrate its brief life, we’ve dedicated 10 space-themed virtual reality apps to its memory for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Daydream View and all your favorite VR platforms. Go check out the collection, and we’ll see you virtual orbit.

  • Interkosmos
  • Solar Walk 2 VR
  • Space Says
  • Solitude
  • Destination: Pluto The VR Experience
  • The Martian VR Experience
  • Our Solar System
  • VR Space Relaxation
  • StarFlight VR

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