Could the ZED Mini Turn Vive and Rift into AR or MR Headsets?

Stereolabs has announced pre-orders of a new, smaller version of its depth sensing volumetric camera called the ZED Mini.

What’s exciting about this smaller device is when it’s attached to the front of an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift, it provides a stereoscopic video passthrough that also includes real-time environment mapping through its depth-sensing tech. This makes for quite a powerhouse combination that could either turn your VR headset into (a very close relative of) an augmented reality HMD that outperforms all current tech in this market, or map out your immediate environment so you can see objects like furniture and even other people within your virtual reality experience.

It also boasts an improvement over the previous model in terms of its definition, accuracy and simpler integration.

The ZED Mini is priced at $449 for pre-orders, and will be available through the WEARVR Hardware store in November.

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