Nibiru, Pico & VR Japan Team with WEARVR

If you follow our newsletters, or you’re a member of our VR developers Slack group, you’ve probably heard about our growing number of partnerships with VR hardware manufacturers. If not, here’s our official press release to bring you up to speed!

WEARVR Partners with Virtual Reality Companies Nibiru, Pico Interactive and VR Japan to Supply Content

LEEDS, UK | ATLANTA, USA | 31 August 2017: WEARVR, the leading independent virtual reality app store, has today announced partnerships to supply VR content to Nibiru, Pico Interactive Inc. and VR Japan.
This strategic deal will open the doors for over 6000 registered WEARVR developer partners to distribute their content onto new VR platforms and into new territories, including China and Japan.

These companies are launching new VR products and services into the global marketplace and have teamed with WEARVR to publish virtual reality content for the in-headset app stores on their respective devices, as well as the existing WEARVR app store.

“These initial partnerships between new and exciting VR hardware companies and WEARVR make perfect sense,” says WEARVR CEO Nic Mitham. “We already provide an independent VR marketplace containing an enviable range of multi-platform VR experiences and enjoy a long-standing relationship with the VR developer community.”


One of many VR all-in-one headsets running the Nibiru operating system.

Nibiru has created an operating system for VR headsets that is licensed to third-party hardware manufacturers such as Qualcomm, HP, BOE, Fujitsu and Polaroid. WEARVR ported content will be present within the app store embedded into the Nibiru operating system, making them available across a growing range of third-party devices. This partnership will also soon include distributing and selling VR apps into the Chinese market, opening the region to Western VR developers.

Eliza Zhao, Overseas Business Manager for Nibiru: “As one of China’s leaders in the mobile VR technology and operating service space, Nibiru is delighted to be partnering with WEARVR. We will be working closely together to deliver high quality VR content to millions of consumers across the world.”

VR Japan

Idealens K2 headset, being distributed in Japan by VR Japan.

VR Japan is the official distributor of Idealens K2, in Japan. WEARVR ported content will appear in the Japanese in-headset app store, which will be launching October this year.

“As the exclusive distributor of Idealens VR devices and operator of VR Japan Store platform in Japan, it is our pleasure to have WEARVR as one of our valuable partners,” says Gabriel Tan, Director, International Alliance & Business Development, VR Japan .”We are excited about this partnership as we are confident that it will greatly enhance our ability to bring a large variety of exciting content to our customers in Japan.”

Pico Interactive

Pico Interactive’s Goblin headset.

The Pico in-headset app store will feature content from WEARVR, allowing VR game and app developers access to a brand new virtual reality market when the highly anticipated all-in-one Goblin headset is launched across the US and European marketplaces.

Paul Viglienzone, VP Business Development at Pico: “We are delighted to partner with WEARVR to bring the best content to our customers. WEARVR’s streamlined processes and great developer relationships will help us to build a compelling and rich content library for the Pico platform.”

To support these new initiatives, WEARVR has launched a brand new Developer Center that provides VR developers with information on the new hardware platforms, access to SDKs and tools, porting support and participation in a community of creators.

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WEARVR Chief Operating Officer Andrew Douthwaite added, “Our new hardware partners get instant access to our expertise and developer relationships, while our developer partners are provided with an exciting opportunity to sell their apps onto new platforms and into new markets. This is an exciting combination of alliances that will help the entire VR ecosystem to expand and we also look forward to announcing more hardware and HMD partnerships over the coming months.”

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